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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:57:34 -0800 (PST)From: jay Subject: Dreaming of Scott 5Chapter 5 of Dreaming of ScottOk people same things apply if your too young to read this and there's achance you might get caught then don't read. None of these characters aremine they are all property of Marvel. Thanx Jon for the idea for this one. "Damn I can't believe Scott just walked in on me and Logan" Bobbythought as he suited up. The doors opened to the Danger room and Bobby noticed that therewas a program already running. As he entered he heard a sound kinda like *BAMF*He looked around for the only person who could make that noise and beforehe knew what was happening he was teleported to a bed Preteen Pictures and there was someoneunder the covers ripping off his uniform. "Hey hey what are you doing??" Bobby said as he tried to keep hispants on. "Do not worry I am going to take very good care Preteen Pictures of you Bobby, youare in good hands!" said a slightly accented voice from under the covers. Whoa whoa, ok Kurt what are you doing?" Bobby said pulling thecovers up. "I am taking care of you like I programmed this simulation to letme do now shut up and lie still or do I have to delete you and restart theprogram?" Kurt said a bit annoyed. "Um...Kurt I'm not a simulation, I'm really happy that you like methis way but why didn't you just come to me?" Bobby said looking at Kurt inthe eyes. "What this can't be happening! Why are you here Bobby?" Kurt saidpulling away as fast as possible. "Scott and I were supposed to come in here and do some extratraining." Bobby said drawing nearer to Kurt. "I...I... I'm sorry Bobby I don't know what came over me when Iprogrammed this program. Please don't be mad and don't tell anyone!!!" Kurtsaid after he burst into tears. "I won't tell any one Kurt now come here and do what you were goingto do to the simulation me." Preteen Pictures Bobby went over to Kurt and hugged him closeloving the feel of his blue velvety skin, and bent down and started kissingKurt's mouth gently prodding his tongue at Kurt's lips. Kurt opened hismouth and started to probe Bobby's mouth with his own tongue. "Mmm, taste better then I could have imagined." Kurt said pullingback and then pulling Bobby back to the bed where they lay down. The roomwas mid Victorian with pillars in the corners Preteen Pictures and white linens hanging fromthe walls. The bed was a four poster bed with silky white linens and redrose petals, beside the bed sat a vase with a single white carnation inwater, and beside that sat a red nectar that worked better then any smallblue pill. "Take a sip of this Bobby" Kurt said, his accent deepeningwonderfully. "Mmm what is that?" Bobby asked as his drink was chased withanother kiss from Kurt."It is the nectar of the Gods, better then any aphrodisiac known toyou Americans. I hope that the effects start soon because I am eager toplease you Robert Drake." Kurt said taking a sip. Just as he finished hisdrink Bobby noticed that his own dick was becoming harder then he'd everthought possible. "Ah yes this is working just as I expected!" Kurt said feelingBobby's dick harden under his palm. "It will make your dick hard as steel man then it will become supersensitive and your Orgasm will be the best you've ever had!" HE continuedwhile rubbing Bobby's erection above the silky linens. "Oh man, that feels so good Kurt please don't stop!!!" Bobby saidas his erection started to jump at the attention it was getting." "Don't worry my friend we have as long as you want." Kurt saidsliding down under the covers to engulf Bobby's cock in his blue mouth. "Ungh!!!" Bobby groaned as his cum shot out of him as if it werehis first time ever cumming. "Mmm tastes almost as good as the nectar, I will want this evernight Bobby" Kurt said as Bobby's orgasm started to subside, and kissed himletting him taste his own spunk on Kurt's tongue. Then without warningsomeone groaned out of sight and two figures fell forward from behind acorner. There stood Scott and Logan with there pants pulled down aroundtheir knees and Logan buried to the hilt in a gasping Scott.Ok I know, this one was really short and all but oh well, hope you likedit, don't know when the next one will be up but I think it will be beforeSaturday. Comments Flames Questions, e-mail me Morpheus490yahoo.com
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